Bingo Players Invade Lavo NYC On Thursday



This Thursday Lavo Nightclub in New York City will be hosting one of the fastest growing names in electronic dance music. Paul Bäumer & Maarten Hoogstraten will be performing in front of Lavo’s 21+ crowd. If those two names do not sound familiar then you probably know them as their alias, Bingo Players.

With the elegance of Lavo Nightclub and the original sound of the Bingo Players, the night is set to be great. Bingo Players have released several big hits over the course of the year. Most recently their song “Don’t Blame The Party” featuring Heather Bright has been receiving positive attention. The song’s original version is without vocals called “Mode.” If you’re going, I’m sure you’ll catch this song live along with all the other Bingo Players’ hits.

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Due to the potential high volume of fans, Lavo has released presale tickets

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