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Calling All Up-And-Coming Producers: Gosteffects Launches Legitmix Powered Remix Contest

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The idea is here is that you, the contestant, get to own and sell your own remixes of Gosteffects’ work, with Gosteffects’ favorite to be featured on his official Kick The Bass Remixes Vol. 2 release. Pretty dope.

Legitmix is a new music platform. Here’s what Robyn Mitchell,  Gosteffects manager, had to say about it.

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What excited me about Legitmix is that it allows remix artists to sell their remixes of Gosteffects tracks to fans who own the originals.  So if a remix becomes popular, the remixer gets the upside and also generates sales of the original Gosteffects tracks.  What’s also cool is that remixers are free to sample from any track available on iTunes so they can get really creative with their Gosteffects remixes.

For more info and to enter the competition, go here.

BTW, if you missed his last album Kick The Bass, check it out… the thing reached the Beatport Top 10, if that speaks to you at all.

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