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Daft Punk And Giorgio Moroder—Plus A $1000 Bearbrick


Oh Daft Punk, how do you stay so relevant, yet so discrete?  Last week URB posted up some news about the acclaimed Italian producer, Giorgio Moroder revealing during IMS in Ibiza that he has recently been in the studio with the Parisian robot duo. One can only imagine what the atmosphere must’ve been like in the studio; according to URB, Moroder recorded a “rap” for the new Daft Punk album. Moroder is best known for his work with the late Donna Summer and has won numerous awards for his musical scores in motion pictures. In addition to Moroder, Niles Rodgers and Paul Williams have also been tied to the new album.

That isn’t the only news Daft Punk has been involved with recently. Elektro Daily confirmed that they’re coming out with their own 1000% bearbrick toys. If only they would come out with a release date of their new album (June 2012???) and let us know what’s the deal with the rumored 2012 tour. For now, we just have to deal with the June 23rd release date of the 1000% Bearbricks, you can pre-order yours for about $1000 on Mintyfresh. I’m just going to wait for the new album and the tour dates.

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