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David Dann Releases Debut Album "To Each His Own" Independently, Climbs iTunes Charts


Big ups to 22 year old LA-bred DJ/producer and long time friend David Dann, who is doing things a little differently than most. His debut 10-track artist album To Each His Own was released Monday on iTunes via his own indie imprint Mind Of A Genius and saw a remarkable climb into the Top 10 Dance Albums on the chart, peaking at #7 in just a matter of hours. For an independently released album and a first release of this nature, this is a milestone, as David saw himself amongst the likes of guys like Tiësto, Skrillex and David Guetta.

It is challenging to pinpoint Dann's production style, as it doesn't mirror any particular style or genre other than adhering to progressive house in its rawest sense. Adding heart felt emotion and turning it into chilling melodies is what has propelled such a great response for his debut album that he has spent three years compromising and perfecting. You will see why. Vocal collaborations with Tamra Keenan (Kaskade’s “Angel On My Shoulder”) and CC Sheffield (Tiësto’s “Escape Me”) only bring out more layers of complexity, originality and emotion.

To Each His Ownavailable on iTunes now.

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Here's some words from David on the project:

“The title “To Each His Own” comes directly from what it means. Everyone will have there own take on this record, especially in a world where the boundaries of genres have become completely blurred.

In a market of dance music in which I feel is more saturated than ever, this is my raw attempt to bring the idea of real music back to the listener. This project has been in the works for quite some time now, and I am more excited than ever to be able to finally put it out. Although I could have released a single 18 months ago, instead I wanted to take a more artistically traditional route to convey my feelings through a complete compilation of original productions.

Each one of these tracks serves a purpose and comes directly from the heart. I think that you will enjoy the diversity of this album, as it’s been quite the evolution process for me while creating this. It is comprised of many inspirations, some which are in EDM and some outside of it, all the way from Thom Yorke to Armin van Buuren back up to Sade.

For those of you who aren’t the most familiar with my story, it started a few years back when I first initiated the “Mind Of A Genius” Podcast in high school, which now has over 20,000 hits a month. This is also being released under my own imprint “Mind Of A Genius”. A music video for the track titled “Follow Me” feat. Tamra Keenan will also be released in the coming weeks.”

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