Dirty Dirty Soundcloud Spammers


I, much like the majority of dance music fans, supporters, and artists, am active on Soundcloud. I take advantage of its services on a daily basis and have very few complaints to be honest. Soundcloud really is a great huge platform for all sides of music and networking in general, but its major flaw is definitely the user abuse that overpowers quality interaction between members.

In a perfect Soundcloud world, we would ideally enjoy a mutual exchange of constructive criticism and cross-promotion in the comments section. But in reality, we are tortured with blog links and pleas to listen to other people’s tracks, which usually suck and aren’t creative in any way. I know it sounds harsh, but if you’re a professional producer or DJ doing professional level things, you already know it’s not a good look to follow thousands of people just for the sake of sending mass messages and gaining higher stats.

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Our good friends over at Gotta Dance Dirty posted a very well thought out article addressing the situation. A-rod explains in his piece, “An artist spends countless hours in the studio working hard on their tracks and when the time comes to upload it onto Soundcloud, their hard work is rewarded with comments like ‘Check out my new track!’ and ‘Here’s my new mix!’  Many times the USER doesn’t even have the common courtesy to actually comment on the artist’s track or mix.  They’re only focused on their own blatant self-promotion.”

While coming up with ways to solve this problem is a whole ‘nother discussion of its own, I suggest reading the full article over at GDD and expressing your opinions in the comment section below.

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