EDC NYC—Insomniac Ventures East

All photos by Peter Drier

West coast friends watch out—your East coast ties may not be flying out to visit you anymore. Now with an EDC of our own just 20-minutes outside of the great NYC, plane ticket sales just might drop. Just kidding.

However, the scale of production fit into the area we call the Giants stadium was phenomenal. There was a curiosity going around on how everything would fit along with the crowd of close to 100,000 for the weekend. As any good carnival entails, there were rides, fire spits, mime girls, and of course, DJs. Four stages to choose from each with their own style of EDM including Armin's own "A State of Trance" and Richie Hawtin's "Enter."

Inside the actual stadium where we normally watch the Giants annihilate their opponents was transformed into a festival dance area with plastic floors and stage with booming speakers. Steve Angello made it a family affair with Size Matters sponsoring the stage Saturday, while Sunday became a dubbier affair with Nero and Subfocus, sponsored by Bassrush.

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The lineup selection ended up being impeccable with a taste of every style of electronic music which goes to show that Insomniac stays true to the music and not just the headliner acts. Overall organization was well carried out, with the exception of Saturday (which is when majority of the crowds came) with line lengths. By Sunday, however, those were dispelled.

The only thing that didn't seem fair was the size of the stage that switched off for Carl Cox Saturday and Richie Hawtin on Sunday. Both acts brought in quite the crowd for their closing sets showing that although progressive and electro may have exploded into the youth, the underground still remains strong. Festivalgoers commented on Sunday's 5 hours with Loco Dice, Dubfire, Victor Calderone, and Richie Hawtin were the best of their lives. To an extent, what America and specifically New York witnessed was the gathering of giants of the underground in one place. While in Europe this is commonplace, it is not so much here. Most of the underground come and go in smaller shows and gatherings—with the exception of WMC of course.

Perhaps what I love best about that stage is the tight knit community they have created despite the distances and schedules that separate them. Us in the underground have to stick together and hold the leading torch for others to follow and carry on the legacy. The sense of family rings truer here and more so than in other genres of EDM where DJs choose to perform alone in the booth. We want our friends with us right there because they are as much part of the journey as the DJ him/herself.

Overall, I look forward to next year and what variety of acts Insomniac will choose to showcase. Now that they are familiar with what they are working with, it can only get better from here, as Markus Schulz said he has witnessed with their West coast shows.

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