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Five Essential Summer Smacking Remixes

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Summer is right around the corner, and what better to kick it off than some fresh new tracks to set the mood. Without a doubt, summer is my favorite time of the year; pool parties, festivals, beaches, bikinis, what more can a guy want? So on the topic of headin’ to the beach and raging, here are a few of my favorite tracks to kick off the summer with. Grab a drink and enjoy!

This upcoming duo hailing from Italy, Lush & Simon, have just put out one of the best edits I have heard all year. I’m sure you all know “Atom” by Nari & Milani, well this blows the original out of the water. This track was recently featured on Tiesto’s "Club Life" so it looks like I’m not the only one raving about this tune. This mix keeps the original build ups, but oh man those drops are filthy. Check it out.

I know you all know “Funky Vodka” by TJR. Kevin Chapman & Ruben Smulovitz aka No Body have put together a serious electro banger by remixing the ever popular “Funky Vodka.” No Body formed about two years ago after meeting at the famous Control Los Angeles in Hollywood. Since then they have released some hard hittin’ electro tracks that pop the roof off. Roll those windows down and turn your speakers up, your in for a wild ride with these guys.

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Maxwell Miller and Benny M formed No Big Deal in early 2011 in Montreal. Be on the look out for these guys cause they’re gonna hit hard in 2012. I recently came across one of their new remixes and I couldn’t believe what I saw. They remixed “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton! I know you’re all thinking what I was at first, how could that slow yet amazing song be turned into some bumpin’ ish. Well, this remix absolutely kills it. Has a hard electro feel to it keepin’ it nice and dirty. Well done guys.

You wont believe this, but this kid Jakob Liedholm is only 15 years old. Hailing from Helsingborg, Sweden, Jakob receives his inspiration from popular artists such as Alesso, Avicii and Nicky Romero. His remix of “Some Nights” by Fun is absolutely amazing. It reminds me a lot of Alesso or Avicii in the sense that it stirs up all those happy feelings inside. This remix has been on repeat on my iPod for about an hour now and I’m still not bored. I can definitely see this kid becoming a big player in the next few years so keep an eye out!

Tommie Sunshine, Bart B More and RipTide have come together to form a group called Horsepower. That’s a pretty deadly combo if you ask me. Their new remix of “Only the Horses” by The Scissor Sisters is proof. It’s more of a mellow tune but it’s got a real nice groove to it. It’s a great mood-setting tune if you’re heading to the beach to chill out. The vocals in this track are absolutely amazing they have been stuck in my head all day. These guys look to have a bright future collaborating as Horsepower.

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