Free Download: Cooper Saver Rocks. This Mix Is Proof.



So here we are doing a little (albeit well deserved) self promotion for Magnetic contributor, Cooper Saver. We've got a few things to share from our man Cooper. First up is his DJ mix for May featuring some of the new shit we're getting here at the Magnetic office, some exclusive yet-to-be released tunes from his friends and some older gems still worthy of your ears. Cooper rocks, this mix is proof. Enjoy this all summer. BTW, the cover art was designed by Justin Katerberg (Vitalic Noise)

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Next up is a remix by Cooper Saver & Ben Hammer of "Nothing Gold" by one of our favorite frogs, Joakim. Cooper & Ben gave the original a kick and punched up the BPMs and turned into a dancefloor treat. We're into it. You tell us. Stay tuned for more things coming from Cooper.

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