From A Nerd-Approved Collection Of Analog Synths Comes “Work That Shit Party” by Still Going


New Yorkers Eric Duncan and Liv Spencer have returned with their second release under their new label, Still Going Records. While you may remember Still Going from their prominent “Spaghetti Circus” 12-inch on DFA a while back, or more recently with “D117” on their own label, there’s a reason this duo is constantly put on rotation by the likes of Erol Alkan, James Murphy, Tim Sweeney and countless others. The combination of Eric and Liv’s musicianship and years of experience behind the decks makes for a very unique blend of disco, house, psyche, rock and whatever else that seems to drip from their nerd-approved collection of analog synths.

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The second release under their own Still Going Records is out at some point next month, and it’s called “Work That Shit Party,” and features vocals from Lizzy Yoder of Fischerspooner + production assistance from Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem. The record consists of just a vocal mix and an instrumental version on the other side. Both versions are made up of a classic chugging house beat with Still Going’s usual quirky elements that will most likely blow some minds on the dancefloor when the late hours roll around and the fog-machine has reached its thickest setting. Even though both tracks have a feeling of constant forward motion, I think the vocal will be the mix of choice. But go see for yourself, you can preview the EP here.

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