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Genre Bending With Budapest's Headshotboyz


From their initial productions leaning towards the 4/4  side of the electronic spectrum, Lajos Nadhazi and Kristof Ambrozy (Headshotboyz) have come a long way, defining their sound to the  intricate soundscapes and poignant experimentations it is today. With the dawning of their most recent EP, "Heartbaked," which debuted earlier last week exclusively through their bandcamp, the Hungarian duo have further expanded the boundaries within which their productions reside. From the spacial synth work of EP opener "Mighty Spookfish," to the subtle, atmospheric interjections of backing "Sspokrlingh," Heartbaked blurs the lines between genres and pushes these same divisions deeper inside the subconscious. Heartbaked is an EP  fit not only for those with a refined taste, but also the everyday music connoisseur.

Magnetic had the opportunity to chat with Lajos and Kristof amidst a busy release schedule and a tantalizing Hungarian summer. Here's how is all panned out.

Headshotboyz is comprised of two individuals (Lajos Nadhazi & Kristof Ambrozy). How'd you two initially meet, and what was the idea behind the project?

Lajos Nadhazi: We met at our high school's basketball training, we became friends shortly after that. Our friendship was initially set by our obsession with drum and bass, which eventually led us to swapping tunes and trying to figure out how Reason worked. We founded Headshotboyz years later, which by then we eventually decided to make house music. The only idea back then was simply to have fun, make party bangers and to play as many gigs as we could.

Is that the same idea around Headshotboyz today? Where have you two brought the project, and where are you planning on taking it?

LN: Well, we started to calm down as we grew up. We're making more and more deep and slow music as time goes by. We would like to settle down, but we also want our influences and mood to drive us to wherever that might be.


I guess this new, matured and definitive sound can be translated into your latest work,  


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. What was the concept behind the EP, and how long has it been under works?

LN: Heartbaked was initially intended to be an addition to our album, but we gave some of the single tracks to compilations, and the ones left over ended on the actual release. The album was, and still is, an idea from early 2010.
Kristof Ambrozy: ...and when we released Heartbaked we wanted to do a whole new 'concept' to our album, and decided to forget forming an EP from those remains. The EP contains two tracks we already published on our soundcloud, two older tunes, and one we made recently, "Friendly Kind Encounters;" it's the most intricate of them all in our mindset. The outcome of the EP, as we see it, is a kind of journey through sound.

What's the meaning behind the EP title?

KA: Just like our track namings, popped out of our head... randomly.
LN: We sweat so much on giving titles, but love playing with words. It's both emotional and negligent.

I definitely agree. The EP as a whole seems to make complete sense. It tells a story, from beginning to end: dreamy synth work compiled with solid percussion and ultimately a distinct groove pattern. As far as building the Heartbaked production wise, what can we find you guys using in your day to day set up?

KA: We only use a computer and a Midi keyboard, or two. We end up just jamming
LN: Yea, and an Akai MPD sometimes

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with an artist of your pickings, either deceased or current, who would that artist be?

KA: Bach.
LN: That would be rad
KA: ...just kidding
LN: You have to answer that now
KA: I would really be interested in collaborating with any artist. It's always a learning experience to work with someone of complete polar opposites.
LN: May sound like a cliché but Flying Lotus for sure, we can both agree with that I think
KA: Yea, definitely
LN: Dimlite, Clark, as well as Bibio, would be alternative choices.

Besides production and djing, what are you guys up to personally. any hobbies outside music?

LN: When we're not making music, we mainly ride our bikes, or play basketball
KA: ...or really any sort of geeky things
LN: Yea, we can be terribly geeky at times

Is there some underground basketball-playing-bicycle gang in Budapest?

LN: haha, not YET

Do you guys have any plans for summer yet?

LN: We're hoping to finish another EP, while also waiting for calls for festival gigs. They always seem to come last minute here. There are also a few 'international' gigs in discussion, but no set tour for us yet.

Thanks again for fitting us in your busy schedule guys. We're looking forward to new Headshotboyz material!

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