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Lollapalooza Move On Over The Spring Awakening Music Festival Is Upon Us...



The Spring Awakening Music Festival is going to be the biggest electronic music gathering to hit the windy city of Chicago. We caught up with Chicago’s React Presents—the guys responsible for putting the 2-day show on and the pretty much the kings of Chi Town's EDM scene—and threw out a few questions.

Perhaps we'll see you on Soldier Field...

React Presents has made Congress Theater and the MID a place for EDM in Chicago, how did it all start?

React Presents was born from two separate promotion companies in 2009, both promoting different styles of electronic music. Relode and Exact Events formed React Presents and from there things really picked up. They were promoting events at various clubs around Chicago and the Midwest, and on New Year's Eve 2009, React Presents brought Justice to Chicago. That triggered it all for us on a larger scale.

It makes sense that a large-scale festival would finally hit Chicago for it is considered the home to house music. React told me that growth specifically in Chicago has not been just house music but the different genres such as big room dance, dubstep, and even drum ‘n’ bass. Operating in the MID and Congress Theater they have really been able to tell who draws the crowd.

Many of you are probably thinking right now what about Lollapalooza, well React thinks the more the merrier.

With Lollapalooza already breaking the electronic music in a festival, have they had a positive or negative impact on SAMF?

Definitely positive. With any type of music, the more people that are listening, the better.

The two-day event starting June 16 and ending Sunday, June 17 has a line up that is out of control. Headliners are Skrillex on Saturday with Benny Benassi and A-Trak and its even crazier on Sunday with Afrojack, Moby, Flux Pavilion and Carl Cox. The other artist range from Dillon Francis, to Designer Drugs, to Hardwell, not one genre is missing.

However the biggest names come in rumor form when several online sites rumored that Daft Punk would be making an appearance.

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There have been several published rumors about the possibility of the Daft Punk emerging at SAMF, what do you have to say to those?

Daft Punk rumors swirl every year for every festival. As a fan, we're all keeping our fingers crossed for more Daft Punk.

This festival is something that should not be missed if you are visiting the Midwest. With the venue being the historic Soldier Field home of the Chicago Bears on the water of Lake Michigan. As a native myself to the city, there is nothing like “summer time Chi” as Kanye would say it. But not only that but React Presents has already announced their after-parties. Ranging from after parties with Skrillex, A-Trak, Benny Bennassi, a private yacht party with Gabriel & Dresden and many more.

I asked one last question regarding the preparation for the event and they left me an answer that only builds exciting anticipation for the event.

SAMF is the biggest electronic music event to ever hit Chicago, so what kind of planning went into putting on such a big event?

It's hard to even put out it in words, but you'll find out at Soldier Field.

Both 2 Day & 1 Day tickets are still available as well as all after parties.


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