Los Angeles: Morgan Page Fans Got The Message Loud And Clear



On May 24th (last Thursday before your amazing, brain-cell killing Memorial Day Weekend) Morgan Page and Magnetic teamed up for a banging little soiree in downtown Los Angeles at the newly refurbished Elevate Lounge on Wilshire. This was a free party to show Page fans that he really appreciates them and by the looks of the line that snaked around the building they got the message loud and clear, the feeling mutual.

The event quickly ramped up to capacity with nice warm-up sets by DJs Eddie Boy and Erra (pictured in gallery). Morgan took the stage closer to midnight and gave fans exactly what they wanted, a big room set that got everyone’s hands in the air. A great way to kick off the Memorial Day weakend and a fantastic way for an artist to show his fans he really appreciates them…hopefully we will see more of these types of events.

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