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Maybe Diplo Wants To Take Riff Raff Under His Wing And Mentor The Lost Cause On How To Actually Rap?

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Rapper Riff Raff is the last “musician” I would expect Diplo to sign to Mad Decent. Complex is reporting that Diplo actually offered Riff Raff a record deal and to complete the deal Diplo dropped a 45k deposit on a chain for Riff Raff. Now, I’m lost for words at this point considering Riff Raff is a joke to society but his music is comedic relief. Maybe Diplo wants to take Riff Raff under his wing and mentor the lost cause on how to actually rap—yeah that has to be the reason. Honestly, I find this disappointing and repulsive—a harsh word, yes, but I rather Diplo sign LMAFO to Mad Decent if he wants low budget talent to represent his record label.

What do you think about Diplo’s executive decision? No, I’m not a Riff Raff hater for those who will comment saying that I am.

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