Michael Mayer Cancels US Gigs


It’s a bit mind boggling that that a guy that runs a record label and sells and plays music to thousands of people around the globe can run into work visa problems trying to come to the US. I’m pretty sure he’s classified as one of those “job creators.” Kompakt is legit. He’d inject money into our economy by coming here. Then there’s the whole reprieve aspect from the daily hustle that many would no doubt appreciate.

Apparently Michael Mayer’s lawyers have made countless attempts to work with the Consulate and US Immigration, but it’s gone nowhere. So… no Michael Mayer this week for his scheduled dates in Washington DC, New York and Detroit for Movement Festival. Good looking out Government!

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Im very saddened and disappointed having to cancel all my scheduled gigs in the USA. Despite having applied for a new work visa well in time the authorities didnt come through. I really hope these ongoing difficulties I have entering your country will soon come to an end. Hope to see you soon! -Michael Mayer

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