Moby: Destroyed Remixes


Following up to Moby’s 2011 studio album, Destroyed, a double disc remix package is now available for purchase worldwide. Compiled and mixed by Moby himself, the two-CD compilation goes all over the map, catering to each and every type of dance music fan alike. The first CD has a big room theme, while the second is the exact opposite. The artists that Moby chose to recruit for the release are his own personal favorites and people whom he thinks are some of the most interesting producers and musicians around at the moment. While my personal taste might not be exactly on par with Moby’s selections on this one, there are a few that certainly surprised me and of course were enjoyed.

While I might like the “small room” disc the most, my personal favorite of the bunch comes from the bigger room theme disc, which is the Holy Ghost! remix of "Blue Moon." Remember their last remix of Moby from about 4 years ago? What a winning combo.

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Destroyed Remixed Track Listing:

Big Room
1. Holy Ghost! “Blue Moon”
2. Arno Cost “Lie Down In Darkness”
3. John Lord Fonda “Sevastopol”
4. Basto! “The Day”
5. Bassjackers “Lie Down In Darkness”
6. Ferry Corsten “After”
7. System Divine “The Low Hum”
8. Sasha “Victoria Lucas”
9. Paul van Dyk “Lie Down In Darkness”
10. Eddie Thoneick “The Day”
11. Gregor Tresher “Lie Down In Darkness”
12. Kleerup “The Right Thing”
13. Tommy Trash “After”

Small Room
1. Photek “Lie Down In Darkness”
2. Yeasayer “The Day”
3. The Dø “The Right Thing”
4. David Lynch “The Poison Tree”
5. Moby “Rockets”
6. Ben Hoo “The Right Thing”
7. Moby “The Broken Places”
8. Moby “Stella Maris”
9. Moby “All Sides Gone”

You can buy both digital and physical copies of the Destroyed remix package here. The release also features an exclusive 30-minute ambient track by Moby that you won’t find anywhere else.

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