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Music Review: Flight Facilities “With You” EP Via Future Classic

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Flight Facilities, the Australian based production duo behind nu-disco heaters “Crave You” and “Foreign Language” are taking off again, this time with the sultry creeper “With You” featuring Grovesnor on vocals. The original has all the fixin’s of a first-class trip, but when you get to the airport you find out the plane was oversold and you’re left taking a puddle jumper flight out of Ontario, CA. Not that it’s bad, it’s just a standard nu-disco track with the handclaps, chimes, and all the electro bass you can handle. After the success of Flight Facilities past two singles, there’s nothing wrong with a filler track here and there right?

While the captains are going back to flirt with the stewardesses, they don’t leave the cockpit unattended. David August, the 20 year old German whiz-mixer, comes in with a ‘90s inspired house track that has a pitched down vocal making Govesnor sound almost Robert Owens-esque. Danny Daze flies high with that rubber band snappy bass in his mix, giving it that bounce sound that’s so hot right now. MAM (Matt Hughes and Miguel Campbell) takes us in for the smooth landing with a loungy piano house anthem that is reminiscent of MAW.

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Its out May 14th on Future Classic Records on vinyl. Check out the retro-anime teaser video here.

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