New York: Bingo Players At Lavo


Last Thursday, May 3rd, two fellas by the name Paul Bäumer & Maarten Hoogstraten came to LAVO NYC and conquered the night. Better known by their stage name, Bingo Players, the Dutch duo gave the people a classic party at one of our favorite NYC venues. The last time I was able to catch Bingo Players play a set was at Ultra Music Festival this past year and I can definitely say that seeing them in a more intimate, club setting was a way better experience. Everything from the sound equipment, to the crowd, to the set seemed better than the last time I saw the pair.

You could tell that it was going to be a big night at LAVO, considering the lines filled up right off the bat at 11 pm After arriving to LAVO I went down to the club and caught the opening performer, DJ Steve Powers, do his thing. DJ Steve Powers is a metropolitan area musical legend for his upbeat and energetic sets and warmed the crowd up for the Bingo Players perfectly. Powers has opened for big names artists such as Tiësto, Dirty South, ATB and many others and this past Thursday he added Bingo Players to his list. Powers also closed the evening and spun well-passed 4:30 am

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When the Bingo Players hopped up in to the DJ booth at LAVO the crowd embraced them with love by cheering. Donning their fresh new “Hous” tees the duo opened up their night with their own track “Cry (Just a Little)” transitioning into Deniz Koyu’s “Tung,” which kicked off the night with a bang. The group played an array of tracks from a variety of artists, including, Avicii’s “My Feelings for You,” Tiësto’s remix of Gotye’s track “Somebody I Used to Know,” and on to Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E..” The boys also played a bunch of their own tracks throughout the night, such as; “Rattle,” their most recent track “Don’t Blame The Party” featuring Heather Bright, “L’Amour,” and my personal favorite, “When I Dip.”

All in all, Bingo Players showed everyone in attendance what they’re all about and I’m pretty sure everyone left the venue a big fan. The night was genially fun, as it was absent of glow sticks and other additional party favors that are usually handed out by LAVO. It was just a straight up fun night.

Additionally, my personal friend and LAVO doorman Richard Wheeler founded “Hous,” which is an EDM inspired clothing line and has seen support from a range of artists, including, Steve Aoki, Robbie Rivera, Afrojack, Chuckie, Avicii, and the list goes on and on… Check ‘em out at hous247.com!


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