New Young Pony Club Return With The Minimal, Sophisticated And Soulful “You Used To Be A Man”


Very happy to hear that New Young Pony Club are back! I feel in love with their dark-ish tinged disco, pop slash punk slash new wave sound with their debut release “Ice Cream” via Modular. It was pretty much the “Cahuenga corridor” anthem in 2005. Since that adventurous outing, NYPC have proven that they do know how to write bold pop music and this first glimpse of the band’s current sonic state sees them taking a minimal, sophisticated and soulful step forward with just enough punch to make it pop. There’s a new as-yet-to-be titled third album due for release late this year. Until then… “You Used To Be A Man” will drop on the band’s own label, The Numbers, on May 7.

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