Oh Youtube What Would I Do Without You?

Or maybe it’s what would I do without email? This morning while checking e-mails, I stumbled upon this here video—a handful of English speaking tots talking about (reviewing?) Skrillex’s “Bangarang.” You gotta love the fact that kids have a honest opinion about everything and are pretty much oblivious to how it comes out. Usually harsh but it’s funny because their kids. And for some reason the kids’ English accents make this video like ten times better. Come on… one tot said the tracks makes her want to slap her sister’s fat bum. Another said he should be more like Elton John (a five year old name checking Elton John!). It quickly shifts to the kids talking about club life, saying things like “nightclubs are stupid,” and “people drink lots of drinks so they can stay awake.” If only they knew that in the years to come they’ll be those kids raging at the clubs to electronic music.


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