Paris Hilton Is Planning To Take On The Title Of DJ... Wait What?


Everybody is now a DJ. Apparently this upcoming June 23rd, Hilton will debut her DJ skills at the 30,000-capacity Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hilton’s one-hour set will follow performances by Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson. Hilton told Billboard,

I cannot wait to DJ for the first time in front of thousands of people. Its something I have been passionate about and have come to respect very much.

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 I guess at this point it is almost expected to here this in the news considering the industry has become so commercialized. In recent months, Hilton has become a recognizable fixture throughout the international EDM scene, appearing at clubs and festivals from Las Vegas to Miami to Ibiza. Hilton has recently been seen frequently alongside her boyfriend, Afrojack, at a number of his gigs that he has played.

Obviously Hilton is no stranger to the club life but I’m interested to see how things go when she has the responsibility of throwing the party and keeping the crowd satisfied. It shall be interesting to see how her first event goes, to say the least. Who knows maybe she will surprise everyone…

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