Ready For Your Spot In The Next Above & Beyond Recap Video?


Well get the iPhones, video recorders, cameras ready to capture the exciting moments leading up to witnessing Above & Beyond in the flesh. The gents of Above & Beyond want to experience the fans point of view of making signs, tees, the drive to the venue, waiting in line and of course the show though visuals. I’m sure we all will blast epic tracks by A&B on the way to the venue, screaming the lyrics out the window, startling old ladies on the street and making the car shake, that’s the best part about going to a show, right? So why not capture the moment. Here’s the rundown on how to submit clips.

Email your videos directly here to video@anjunabeats.com or wetransfer.com—example on how to share via wetransfer.com is here. You can also share the video clips on A&B Facebook wall or Twitter page using the #GroupTherapyLA tag. Video clips can be any length but under 90 seconds is preferred—keep the editing aspect in mind people. In the end this is a mega deal, I mean you could potentially be featured in an A&B recap clip, a clip that will be shared with the world. The thought just makes my stomach tingle. Of course be creative and exciting, make Juno, Pavvo, and Tony laugh their asses off yet feel that love from your excitement.

Official Announcement via A&B Facebook here.

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