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Review: Aero Manyelo “Home” EP via Sound Pellegrino


Adamantly quirky and forward thinking Paris-based Sound Pellegrino's latest release is a four-track explosion from South African producer Aero Manyelo. His first work with the label was a recent remix for Maelstrom's “USSR,” just a taste of the gritty delights to come.

Though the opening track, “Can You Handle” remains a bit anonymous—more hypnotic than ear catching or memorable—the EP opens up into a pitch and tempo-shifting sample-based “Black Blue Green,” a useful DJ tool in the same line as Kill Frenzy's massive “Booty Clap” (Dirty Bird), a convenient way of mixing slower tempos into a techno set. “Wish I Had a Home” follows, sinking deep into a chugging, insistent, textured and percussive groove with chirping, whining acidic overtones and lush, undulating strings. The closer, “Niniwa,” is undoubtedly the hit. The track connotes haunting urgency, melancholy melodies thick with emotion, depth and weight: something really beautiful. Look forward to this at 4 am in warehouses around the world. EP was released on May 28.

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