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Review: Club Cheval/Brodinski “Bromance #3” Bromance Records



“zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ ...”

“Hey Yosh you heard this Brodinksi?”


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“Wah waht what? I'm awake?!!!!”

So yes I was caught sleeping on this Brodinski“Let The Beat Control Your Body” as it grew from a WMC banger to one the biggest songs of Coachella. My Boy BC Bagle put me on it a couple weeks ago, saying that this new track with Louisahhh on it was really tight. I worked with her at Turntable Lab a couple years back, and I'm stoked to hear she was part of a successful project.

And now I'm finally awake and couldn't wait to hear what Brodinski had up his sleeve for Bromance #3, this time with Club Cheval taking the lead track. It’s a rave track with heavy industrial influences laid in with chopped vocals, heavy synths, and a punchy set of break-beat drums. It’s an intense futuristic track that could work well as a peak hour builder. Brodinski is back on the flip, with Louisahhh on the vocals once again, coming together to form a darker, bass heavy track. The electro bass comes in relentlessly, the drums are smooth and rolling, and the "nobody rules theses streets" vocals are chopped and screwed all over the track. Louisahhh's vocals are just dark and sultry enough to allow the repetitious phrase to help carry the song instead of getting annoying, and it definitely sounds better than any “manufactured superstar.” No matter what parallel is made, it’s a stand-alone track that will certainly carry over the summer around the world.

This is one of those “Hurry Up and Buy” records that's gonna be gone in a second, so don't sleep. It’s definitely gonna be big over the summer, and is a prime example of the amount of effort Brodinski is putting into his label. Available June 6th, 2012

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