Taking Fedde Le Grand Outside Of Manhattan For The Very First Time



We all know this EDM producer Fedde Le Grand from his unforgettable track, “Put Your Hands up For Detroit,” and other popular dancefloor hits like “Back and Forth,” and “So Much Love.” But Le Grand is recognized for much more. Fedde runs one of EDM’s largest record labels, Flamingo Recordings. And…if you did not know, Fedde is the second Dutchman to have remixed for the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.

There’s also a side to this musician that loves film, video games and technology. Some of his artistic influences span from his love of the Stereo MC’s, which led to the feature of their lead singer Rob Birch on Fedde’s album, Output. Fedde appreciates and loves the soul, funk and jazz eras of music.

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Watch this episode of Spinback as I take Fedde outside of Manhattan for the very first time. After, I found out what Fedde enjoys when he isn't on tour, so I decided to change things up a bit for our interview and found the perfect place to take him. Stay tuned, and you will see Fedde let us in on a few of his favorite things, inspirations, music and how our trip went to New York’s famous, Museum of the Moving Image.

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