Well Mixed And Thought Out—It’s What A-Trak Does. Enjoy The Free Download.



There’s really no need for an intro for A-Trak. This guy is a DJing legend. His new set on Fools Gold Radio, as is everything this guys puts together, is really well mixed and thought out...enjoy.

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1. A-Trak & Zinc “Stingray” (A-Trak Intro Edit)
2. Mason “Chihuahua”
3. NAPT “Tom Toms”
4. The Partysquad “Go Down Low”
5. Fare Soldi “Pestalozzi”
6. Willy Moon “Yeah Yeah” (Sinden Remix)
7. Alex Metric “Rave Weapon”
8. Vato Gonzales “Blow Ya Stereo”
9. LA Riots “Nuggets Adventure”
10. Crookers “Bowser”
11. Shadow Child “String Thing”
12. Kabale Und Liebe & Lauhaus “Hiphouse”
13. Zombie Disco Squad feat. Omar “Righteous Sound”
14. Elax “Don't Do It”
15. Surkin “Never Let Go” (A-Trak Remix)
16. Van She “Idea of Happiness” (Sebastian Remix)
17. Walden “Mono World”
18. Boodshy, Carli & Style Of Eye “Tank”
19. Ray Foxx “Furious Foxx”
20. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Tapes & Money” (Dub Mix)
21. ???? "????"
22. Crackboy “The Devil Blues”
23. Joe Goddard “Gabriel” (Soulwax Remix)

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