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Will.i.Am, Giorgio Moroder + Danny Tenaglia Join IMS 2012

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I’ve only been to Ibiza once and can think of a million reasons—that probably go without saying—why I’d like to return. I’d definitely like to check out IMS. Even before I heard that they added another huge guest (to an already impressive line-up) I wanted to go. But sadly with it now being less than ten days away my bank account says that the 2012 edition of the Ibiza International Music Summit isn’t an option. Next year perhaps.

Will.I.Am, Giorgio Moroder and Danny Tenaglia will join the likes of Diplo, Nile Rodgers (CHIC), Loco Dice and Carl Cox at this year’s conference from May 23 -25. The Black Eyed Peas star will no doubt be a big draw. Guy does have a solid link to the dance music; it’s obvious he’s a fan of the genre. Here’s a recent quote from on said culture:

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“Hip-hop culture doesn’t feel alive like dance culture feels. And this dance culture actually feels more like hip-hop than what they’re saying hip-hop is. This dance culture actually is the sprit of what hip-hop is—it just has a different title. But because hip-hop went in this other direction of gun-toting and drug-slinging, all the other stuff—entertainment, fun, the concept of music and hearing beats and inspirations and fusion and collaboration—they forgot that this is hip-hop. So I was like, hip-hop is dead. Fuck this shit, I’m going here.”

The legendary Danny Tenaglia will be connecting live from NYC to Ibiza, with the DJ icon joining the summit via video link-up to discuss his recent decision to step back from the world of DJing. If you find the idea of picking the brain of a DJ that has seen and done just about everything there is to do and I’m sure a thing or two the normal hasn’t thought of, no doubt this’ll be a fascinating insight.

Last but not least there’s producer legend and electronic pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Come on, guy inspired so many of the first and second wave of dance music artists—when Moroder talks about his history and where he goes to from here you should listen.

BTW, in between activities like this you'll be doing things like this and this and this.

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