XLR8R Magazine Bought By Buzzmedia



I came across this tidbit of news on Billboard's website today. Buzzmedia, the company that owns websites like Radar, Just Jared, Ok Magazine, Khloé Kardashian and Celebslam, just bought XLR8R magazine, the niché of all niché electronic music publications. Yet another slab of proof that EDM is rising fast and shows no signs of slowing down. Next stop, pop culture dominance.

Expect other deals to follow the XLR8R acquisition. "We've seen that in a lot of different genres and across the company," he said. "In digital, we see the fractured marketplace is really more limited by the lack of tremendous quality offerings. Again, there aren't that many great offerings not just in music but in any category because the investment level in digital media has been so low," Bill Jensen (Vice President/General Manager of Music, Buzzmedia) told Billboard.

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