A Club Called Rhonda With Dimitri From Paris—Plus Gallery From Moodymann


It was springtime in Paris, and I was walking along the River Seine and realized I was being followed. I could sense the gaze of an intrigued young man set upon me, and though this might frighten a normal young lady I relished in it…you see I was and am not a normal young lady. After some playful cat and mouse games we eventually got to talking and the young man invited me back to hear some of his records, he was a radio DJ at the time you see. The first man to play house music on French radio in fact.  I was impressed, by not only his skill & dapper sensibilities but also by his knowledge of the disco music from my home in the States. After a brief week together I had to move on with my European trip, but I kept in contact with that boy and followed his journey through music, from his humble beginnings to Dancefloor Demigod. And finally now, I’m extremely excited to say that he will be gracing the Rhonda stage. This man you may know as Dimitri From Paris. -Rhonda

We do enjoy a night at A Club Called Rhonda. You should too. Here's some photos from last week with Moodymann.

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