Cassian Goes Retro Synth Meets Modern House For “Love Cuts.” Get Ready For A Disco Punch


One of our favorite high-energy Australian producers is back with a new EP, which is clearly shaking things up online and in the club. We’re talking about Cassian, and he’s been busier than ever in the studio. I know it’s been a minute since we heard any original material from him, but don’t worry because his new “Love Cuts” EP will be out on June 19 via Nürvous, an offshoot of New York’s prestigious Nervous Records. Cassian returns with a house-ier feel than his previous material, yet his signature disco punch is thankfully present. For fans of retro synth flavor with modern house and disco influence, this is for you…and it’s leading up to be a big one this summer.

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You’re gonna have to follow Cassian on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop regarding the release, among other fun things. Also, catch him playing with The Magician at Dim Mak Studios tomorrow on Tuesday if you’re in LA.

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