Claptone “Night On Fire”—Play After Midnight When The Fog Machine Is Cranked To The Max


I’m starting to get really suspicious now. I think the people at Exploited Records are slipping something in their artists’ drinks or food that makes them house music superheroes or something. You know you’re doing it right when you’ve put out three different chart topping EPs in the short time frame of six months. Well, it’s not always right I guess…but Claptone is doing it proper. Still riding high on the hype of “Cream,” the Berlin boys are pleased to announce the release of “Night On Fire,” which stays true to their artistic picturesque sound that still blows up the dancefloor. Disco-tinged, classy, deep, and most definitely unique, the “Night On Fire” tracks have already been on rotation by the likes of Jesse Rose, DJ Sneak, Riva Starr, Tensnake, Joakim and many more. While the title track is a groovier number, “Shook” is definitely the banger. I recommend playing after midnight when the fog machine is cranked to the max. Enjoy.

Out yesterday on Beatport.

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