Clubbing Underwater?



Not exactly, at least not right now (someday soon, hopefully), but I do appreciate the fact that the witty minds at Swiss watch company TechnoMarine dreamed up the idea—at least enough to make a commercial around it.

The video was filmed inside a pool. The bar and the set, put together by divers, were custom built from the ground up. The entire production took three days and would have been three days well spent.  Seriously, how fun would it be to get sloppy and sideways in an underwater nightclub. It’s not that crazy of a concept—there are already plans for an underwater hotel in Dubai, as well as The Poseidon Undersea Resorts in Fiji. And if you missed the news a while back about Playboy teaming up with artist Thomas Tenery, Virgin Galactic and several scientists to paint a picture for what a gravity-defying nightclub in outer space would be like… well there you go. Perhaps these crazy concepts aren’t too far off. I've got the theme song for Playboy's club: "Dancing In Outer Space" by Atmosfear

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