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Crossover Series Part III: Surkin & Todd Edwards

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Really looking forward to hearing what came of the Surkin and Todd Edwards collaboration. Sound Pellegrino just posted up this video interview of the two chatting about their new 3-track EP due to drop at the end of August. If what we hear is correct (and we’re pretty sure it is) it’s gonna be a big deal for Sound Pellegrino as one of the tracks the two worked on turned into a proper song with Todd on the vocals. That’s a big deal cuz he hasn't done that since Daft Punk's “Face To Face!” Sound Pellegrino will be releasing a music video for “I Want You Back” next Monday and the vinyl, but you’ll have to wait until August for the digital.

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Crossover Series part III: Surkin & Todd Edwards from Sound Pellegrino on Vimeo.

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