EDM Biz: The Industry Conference We Have All Been Waiting For...


For the last ten years or so I, along with the rest of the industry, had heard rumors of an electronic music conference in Vegas. With Miami being more about the spectacle and Ultra rather than business these days we had lost that vital event where we really needed to get things done. I keep telling the newbies that we actually used to go to the Winter Music Conference and people were getting things done on the business side, no one believes me.


We all kept hoping that something would eventually materialize that would bring the industry back together like the early WMCs. After all the waiting and the rumor resembling an actual "urban legend" the guys over at Insomniac finally pulled it together with EDMbiz.

The production team assembled some really great panels and panelists in record time (one month) and have made a giant step towards galvanizing an industry that has been disjointed for so long. Huge props to Simon Rust Lamb, Phillip Blane, John Boyle, Jason Bentley and Pasquale Rotella for putting this together and providing a platform to actually get things done and inspire everyone.

Panels listed here.

I'm sure next year will be the true game changer with more people, more vendors and more panels as the EDM industry kicks into high gear.

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