Electric Daisy Carnival Saying Goodbye To The Superstar DJ?



That was the news that got everyone tweeting and talking at EDMbiz this past week when Pasquale Rotella shared that he no longer wants to book the biggest names in electronic music for his events. When you're producing events with stages like this and this and this you don't really need to. At this point it's more about the spectacle, the art, the grandness of it all than it is the little person you see on stage. I bet if you walked out into the audience and asked kids who was playing most would have no idea. and by most I mean like 99% of them.

Moving forward is we dont want to book the [big] guys. I dont want to be a promoter. My passion is not selling tickets and making money. I want to create an experience. You dont need to book the big acts who sell out arenas. -Pasquale  Rotella 

When the biggest electronic music promoter says that to a panel of promoters and an agent, well, lets just say it didn't go over to well. There’s more info about it via Billboard here.

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