Final Chapter Complete. Watch Whomadewho's “Running Man And The Sun” Short Film



We do love us this Danish trio over here at Magnetic. It’s a long love affair actually, back to the early 2000s when we were doing BPM magazine. From their early outtings on Gomma Records to their current platter for Kompakt, each time WhoMadeWho strike they come big. And they make a darkly humorous statement with this video. Spoiled and greedy men mucking it up and taking cues in a Mr. Burns type fashion.

The pop friendly trio just completed the final chapter of their “Pitfalls of Modern Man” video trilogy. Together with Copenhagen based artistic team “Good Boy! Creative,” Whomadewho drops their two-part, eleven-minute long short film covering their latest singles “Running Man” and “The Sun” from 2012’s Brighter album via Kompakt. Pick it up via iTunes.

We had a chat with Tomas Barfod of WhoMadeWho not too long ago about his solo project. You can have a read here.

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If you like the above video, peep these: "Keep Me In My Plane" and "Every Minute Alone." Pretty hilarious view of modern culture. BTW, both were nominated at the prestigious UK Music Video Awards.

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