Free Download: Downtempo/Chillout Mix By Chicooligan



So here it is, the first Chicooligan Leftfield podcast by David Ireland (yours truly).

This has been a long time coming so I hope you enjoy this first go around, there will be many more to come to satiate your downtempo needs. This show will feature everything from electronic tango, chilled hip-hop, broken beat, ambient, folktronic, etc. Basically everything that might be considered electronic listening music or considered "Leftfield." I will dig up classics from the vaults (aka my record collection) and drop some of the latest tunes that are climbing up the charts.

There will also be regular special guests from around the globe dropping in to mix it up, or down rather.

For this episode with have long time friend Mick Cole (Monday Night Social / Moonshadows) joining me for a 30-minute guest mix and lets just say he delivered in a big way. So download us and let us know you dig it. Hit recline and enjoy the Leftfield!

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