Free Download: Get An Early Acid House Track From “This Ain't Chicago”



Even if you weren’t yet a sparkle in someone’s eye in the mid to late ‘80s, Richard Sen’s (Padded Cell, Bronx Dogs fame) upcoming compilation for Strut is essential listening. Trust. Chicago might have been the place where the 303 was tweaked and given new life, but the UK smacked a smiley face across what was happening and took it to another level.

This Aint’ Chicago is basically the UK response to the first wave of Chicago house and features many of Sen’s personal favorites, “The tracks that were particularly inspirational to me as a DJ and clubber at the time,” reflects Richard Sen.

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Discover an unsung classic or two. Get educated on a sound that’s still as vibrant and relevant as during the early days of house. Go here to download the tune below. This Ain't Chicago will be released on  July 10th.

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