Free Download: Young Edits Presents The River & Phoenix Project—New Wave And Post Punk Edition Up First



Young Edits, otherwise known as Luke Foskey from Brisbane Australia, has been a name I’ve been keeping my eye on for the last few years. Whether it’s his fresh and unique takes on the classics, or his deep mixtape journeys, Young Edits can always be trusted. He’s been making a solid name for himself in recent times with major support ranging from BBC Radio 1 to rotation from guys like The Magician, Flight Facilities and even Optimo. But his latest accomplishment is sure to turn some heads, as it’s been three long years in the making.

I’ll let Luke’s explanation fill you in:

“Around 3 years ago I started putting together a series of edits of tracks that have influenced me through the years. Many of them nothing more than a couple of hours in front of a PC and simply done to make the track more dancefloor friendly. Other times I spent a lot longer trying to craft my own personal take out of snippets of the original production. But only recently have I felt I'm truly doing myself justice to what is evidently someone-else's artistic direction whilst being able to craft my own artistic direction.

The first "River & Phoenix" is coming out in a few days time, featuring a collection of my own takes on a collection of new wave and post punk favorites. This mix is a carefully crated piece featuring a collection of my edits which have been influenced by an era where popular music was creative and boundary breaking. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together over the last few years.”

R.I.P. River Phoenix.

Pre-Order the River & Phoenix EP here.

Download and listen to the hour long mix of edits below:

Smooth, seamless, and full of gems; Luke has shown that he has an old, tasteful soul for someone obviously young. Stay tuned for more music from Young Edits; follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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