Is It True, A New Daft Punk Single In July? Please Say It’s So…



I really can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to an album as much as the new Daft Punk one. Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers and Paul Williams plus Daft Punk. Come on, talk about ridiculous collaborations. In a way, I feel a little bad for the masked crusaders. They already had big shoes to fill, but the buzz around this album must make the pressure even more intense. It’s either going to be the best thing since (I dunno, insert your own analogy) or a big let down. I bet the later but the pressure is on none-the-less.

Reading Fact this morning I came across this bit of news. And we’re with Fact on this, taking it with a grain of salt. Apparently the French electronic magazine Tsugi has made the claim that a new Daft Punk track will drop in July. When pressed about release info on Twitter, the magazine’s editor responded with “21/7.”

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