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Kim Dotcom Is About To Go Boom—Get Ready To Be Unchained...


First of all I've gotta say that Kim Dotcom could just be the dopiest name for someone yet—especially if they make a living in the online world. For those that the name isn’t ringing a bell, Mr. Dotcom was the man behind the now defunt file-sharing behemoth Megaupload. The guy that got arrested last January over piracy allegations. The act, the guy that energized folks to launch a series of attacks on establishments like Universal and the RIAA.

Apparently earlier this year Dotcom  was hinting at plans to create an “alternative music store” dubbed Megabox. The idea is to go after Universal Music Group by offering, “a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations directly to consumers while allowing artists to keep 90 percent of earnings.”

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Reading Fact magazine this morning I learned that the 38-year old recently announced via Twitter that although “the major labels thought Megabox was dead,” it’s “coming, and it will unchain you.”

No real details on the launch as of now, but do stay tuned for more on this as a service like this sounds pretty damn great to us.

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