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Live Nation Scoops Up Another EDM Promoter



No doubt about it, big money is being pumped into our scene like never before. The latest writing on the wall is the fact that Gary Richards just became a made man. Literally. Live Nation Entertainment (El Jefe of the live show arena) just made the announcement that they acquired Hard Events. I came across this bit of info reading the New York Times tonight and must admit that everything that’s going on right now with electronic music and the scene is both exciting and scary. I hate to think that deadmau5 is right when he said,

E.D.M. has turned into a massively marketed cruise ship, and it’s sinking fast…All I’m trying to do is put on my life jacket and swim as far away from this shipwreck as fast as I can.

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Exactly what kind of money was thrown at the Hard’s deal wasn't released, but considering Live Nation plans on spending about a million bucks to tap into this market, we imagine it’s not pocket change. Read the full article here.

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