Mark Farina Gets Bumped In Vegas



Vegas must be a love / hate thing for many DJs. As far as paydays are concerned, no one is kicking down booking fees like sin city. The rub though is what to play, err, what will the clubs allow you to play. Most DJs tailor their set accordingly (no big shocker there) and the ones that don’t, well, don’t get booked in the first place or aren’t asked to come back. Or worse yet, as in Mark Farina’s case this past weekend, bumped from the decks while playing at Marquee Dayclub.

Yep, kicked the fuck off for playing house music at a house music party. Oh, the irony. I imagine a few things could have led up to this. 1. The person doing the booking has no clue about electronic music and just wanted to book a “house music legend” for their house party. Or 2., which we imagine to be the more likely scenario, Farina got the bump because some douche at a cabana started waving his wallet around because the DJ wasn’t playing the kind of “house” music he knew. Money talks… BTW, if you get a chance Las Vegas City Life wrote something about this over the weekend and you can check it out here.

And in another case of funny and strange Mark Farina is booked to play the same venue this Thursday in Vegas. Lets hope that dude doesn’t have another table booked.

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