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Music Review: Surkin & Todd Edwards “Want You Back” Via Sound Pellegrino


At a certain point, it becomes incredibly difficult to write about works of art. Words do not seem able to encompass the emotional, musical—dare I say spiritual—content of certain songs (yes, even pop songs) and this bitter conundrum seems to hold true here. I am having a hard time finding language to articulate the profound effect that this song is having on my heart.

In Sound Pellegrino's latest release (the third installment of the label's “Crossover Series”), French wunderkind Surkin and Jersey house legend Todd Edwards came together for a week of music making. The resulting track is one that is perhaps a response to Edwards' last lead vocal performance (on Daft Punk's “Face to Face”), over a decade later. Rather than the blissful, upbeat new love vibes of the 2001 classic, Surkin and Edwards' collaboration brings a new depth, weight, and urgency. It is the cry of a broken heart as it attempts to rekindle a love that may or may not return. A sincere and powerful vocal charging up mountains of garage percussion, relentless, stabbing pads, undulating arpeggios and darkly shimmering bass-swells, the song is modern soul, future pop, otherworldly acid R&B. It dredges up the terrible-delicious, bruised but hopeful feelings of tragic romance. It makes me want to fall hard in love just to have my heart broken and remember what it feels like. Absolutely magnificent. Do we give star-ratings at MagneticMag? This gets a sky-full, ten billion.

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