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New York: Album Release Party With David Morales At Cielo

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This June 14th, NYC nighttime hotspot, Cielo, was host to David Morales’s latest and highly anticipated album Changes release party. The album name certainly seemed fitting for an industry, which has certainly seen many changes over the past few decades when Morales got his start. He has seen success ranging from reaching international stardom, peaking the tops of almost every chart in his chosen field, working on productions with countless other big name artists, and has won an abundant amount of awards, including a Grammy. Morales broke into the industry before I was even born and it was pretty awesome to party with such a legend and innovator of EDM for the night. Cielo seemed like the perfect host for the event, intimate yet lavish. The clubs setup allowed Morales to go through the club and interact with the guests during the pre-party.

The night kicked off with a nice little industry event that gave those in attendance a chance to eat, drink, network, and get a viewing of Morales video for his latest single, “Golden Era,” off his new album. The video and track itself really brings you back in time to when the music was meant to really get deep inside and inspire the soul of those that listened to the track. Back to a time before all of the neon colors, rave glasses, and commercialized factors that we have all become accustomed to. “Golden Era” is a beautiful song, which features the talented Roisin Murphy. With other tracks on the album, such as, “What Do You Believe In,” “You Just Don’t Love Me” and “Fall in Love Tonight” it was clear that Morales put every ounce of his soul into delivering the perfect album to his listeners.

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Once the doors opened up to general admission the night kicked off with performances by his longtime friends Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero, Quentin Harris, and of course the guest of honor, David Morales. Additionally, Louie Vega and a few other artists came out to show their support for their good friend. The night featured an array of different tracks and styles which was refreshing because it was an escape, at least for myself, from all of the new age dance music that I feel like I am constantly surrounded by as of late. It was nice to watch a few of the old school house pioneers do their thing. The night turned out to be a success and from the atmosphere of the crowd I’d like to say that all those in attendance would agree with me on that statement.

Got to give it up to Cielo, Def Mix, Ultra Music, Dance. More. Now., and Rephlektor Inkorporated for throwing together this awesome party. Changes, is set to be released on Ultra Music tomorrow, June 19, and I highly recommend investing in David’s latest gem. Anything he seems to touch turns into gold and his latest masterpiece, Changes, is not going to be any different.

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