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On The Road With The Bloody Beetroots DJ Set—Talking Conspiracies, Paranoia, Turtle Soup And Spiders

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Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo and his Italian partner in crime Tommy Tea just kicked off a pretty extensive Bloody Beetroots DJ set tour.

The European tour will have the masked men bouncing around France, Germany, Holland (and a bunch of places most of wish we could find ourselves this summer) before bringing their hi-octane sound to Hard Festival here in Los Angeles in August and Electric Zoo in New York in September.

We caught up with Sir Bob for a quick chat…here he is—Beetroots style.

Any cities or nights you’re looking forward to most on this trip?

I cannot wait to play in Belgium; it's been a while.

Do you have any tales of extreme excitement or extreme boredom that the average person might enjoy reading?

Man, I’m excited and fucked up all the time! Let me tell you about my last week: I had a recording Session in NYC, a studio session in London, another studio session in Venice remixing some dudes, a video shoot in Los Angeles for the new single, I DJd in Stockholm. I cannot get bored, but I’m just losing my mind.

Tell me about a colorful incident involving a fan. Change names to protect the innocent, if you care to.

There's no one innocent who needs protecting. No victims. There was once a girl who wrote me a crazy email asking if we could get married, promising to cook with masks. Nice!

Do you have any pets? What do they do while you’re on the road?

I own a spider but I cannot tell you exactly what he does while I’m busy hanging out with my records.

Do you have any pre-gig routines or green room rituals?

Before a gig I love taking care of nothing.

Is being on the road conducive to your creative process?

I'm not creative when I travel, I just collect what I'm experiencing... if I remember that, I translate it in music.

Do you work on music while touring?

No I don’t.

What have you learned about yourself from being on the road and touring?

My minds get messed up quickly.

How much of your set changes from gig to gig?

Almost every set is different—I love challenging myself.

Do you travel with an entourage?

Yes. I have my assistant on stage Tommy Tea, my production manager Josh and my lightning designer Alex.

What’s on your Rider?

Coffins and cigarettes.

If you were the biggest musician in the world, what would be on your Rider?

Oxygen and ZNT.

Do you have a favorite airline?

Yes I do, Lufthansa.

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First class or coach?


What’s your drink of choice?

Espresso, that's the real deal...Italian of course.

What items do you always take with you on the road?

Some books about conspiracy, they help me think positively.

What kind of topics?

Transhumanism and singularity.

Describe a moment of what may or may not have been “paranoia” in your life. In the end, what was “true?”

I'm extremely paranoid…it's all true.

Which do you prefer, a smoky, low-lit club or a big stage with bright lights and colored gels?

Strobe lights and smoke machines always make me happy.

What’s the most memorable time you’ve had on the road outside of the club?

You know what, my brain does not collect recent data but last week I was in Death Valley and it was mad fun! Girls, Shotguns, 70's muscle cars, Dust...Nice! (Filming the new music video of course.)

What’s the most disturbing event you’ve bore witness to?

Being awake for 3 days, it happens often.

What the first thing you do when you wake up?

Breakfast before the storm.

What the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

I close my eyes, hoping to wake up in a good mood.

You probably shake a lot of hands on the road, if people were really to listen after you shook their hand for the first time, what would you say to them?

I'll keep an eye on you, baby!

If you were to describe your sound as a scent, a signature fragrance as it were, what would it be called?

Blood & Vetiver!

What the craziest thing you’ve eaten on the road?

China is full of surprises. The craziest thing I have eaten is probably turtle soup...

What do you look forward to most when the tour is over?


Do you remember the first time you had a live audience’s complete attention?

Yes, when I was six years old I was singing in a choir and my father gave my a little knife as lucky charm. I got so scared I cut one of my fingers.


Do you have any photos from the road you’d like to share?

I do. This is me and my new microphone.

5 Most Played songs of The Week

The Bloody Beetroots “Rocksteady”
Stan Getz “Lullaby Of Birdland”
Anvil “Metal On Metal”
Chet Baker “Everything Happens To Me”
Bibio “All The Flowers”

European Tour Dates:

June 9th @ Garorock Festival, Marmande, France
June 23rd @ Solidays, Paris, France
June 30th @ EHZ Festival, Biarritz, France
July 5th @ Swatch Freestyle Festival, Estavayer, Switzerland
July 7th @ Beauregard Festival, Caen, France
July 13th @ Melt! Festival, Ferropolis, Germany
July 14th @ Extrema Festival, Eindhoven, Holland
July 15th @ Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium
July 20th @ Beatpatrol Festival, St. Polten, Austria
July 21th @ Monegros Desert Festival, Fraga, Spain
July 27th @ Tomorrowland Festival, Boom, Belgium
July 28th @ Lez Art Scenique Festival, Selestat, France
August 3th @ San Juan, Puerto Rico
August 4th @ Hard Fest, Los Angeles, USA
August 5th @ Center of Gravity, Kelowna, Canada
August 10th @ Grape Fest, Piestany, Slovakia
August 11th @ Summer Of Love, Tynec, Czech Republic
August 16th @ Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain
August 17th @ Cocoricò – Riccione, Italy
August 18th @ Mobile Beats, Meinerzhagen, Germany
August 25th @ Zurich Open Air Festival, Zurich, Switzerland
September 2nd @ Electric Zoo, NYC, USA
September 17th @Together @Amnesia, Ibiza
October 12th @- Free Form Festival, Warsaw, Poland
October 13th @ Bonusz Electronic Music Festival, Budapest, Hungary

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