One More Reason To Talk deadmau5 Today—New Video For “The Veldt”


We say one more reason because Joel Zimmerman caused a ruckus this weekend after making a few comments about DJing. Peep the Magnetic Facebook page to read what he said. Anywho… the writer Ray Bradbury passed away on June 5 of this year. RIP. If you’re not familiar, guy was a legendary Sci-Fi writer. There’s a short story from way back in 1950 called “The World The Children Made” that ultimately became “The Veldt.” The basic premise of the story is about a family that lives in a technologically advanced house dubbed “Happylife Home.” Think The Jetsons; the house is filled with machines that cook their meals, cloth them all the way to rocking them to sleep. The two children, Peter and Wendy, become fascinated with the “nursery,” a virtual reality room that is able to connect with the children telepathically to reproduce any place they imagine.


Said storyline by Bradbury is the inspiration for deadmau5’s song of the same name. Homage, if you will. Here’s a new video for the tune. I’m pretty sure this is the first visual from deadmau5 since 2009’s “Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff.”

happy life with the machines
scattered around the room
look what they made
they made it for me
happy technology
outside the lions run
feeding on remains
we'll never leave
look at us now
so in love with the way we are

—deadmau5 “The Veldt” with lyrics written and performed by Chris James

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