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Photo Gallery: Tiesto At Lavo—Another Great Night In NYC

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First off, wow. I have not seen Lavo NYC this crazy ever. With lines stretched down around the block from the club it was obvious that the big man, Tiesto, was finally back in NYC. It was a pretty decent club night in NYC with Dada Life throwing a “secret party” Tiesto landed in NYC this past Wednesday before heading out to EDC Las Vegas and it seemed like everyone in the city wanted to get in on the action.

After a hectic experience trying to get the doorman’s attention through the heavy crowds of people my friend and I finally got inside and the night took off. We got inside the venue right as Tiesto was manning the decks, which in my opinion was perfect. Once we got downstairs it was absolutely crazy, as I expected especially considering the magnitude of the people that Tiesto draws to venues when he performs. The crowd was definitely “dressed to impress” as the women were all dolled up like models (most likely they probably all were) and the gent’s were rocking their suits or blazers for the big night. Bottles after bottles of Champagne, Goose, and Patron were passing by me and being delivered to the tables like glasses of water to the ballers who were fortunate enough to snag a table on this wild Wednesday.

Tiesto’s set primarily consisted of a mix of progressive and electro house and he delivered the crowd a variety of heavy hitting tracks. His mix included (just to mention a few) a fresh track off of his album Club Life, Vol. 2: Miami and one of my current favorites, ‪Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner “We Own The Night” ft. Luciana, “Walls” by Sultan & Ned Shepard ft. Quilla, “The Devil's Work” Miike Snow (Dirty South Remix), “Big Hoops” by Nelly Furtado (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix), Avicii & Nicky Romero’s tune “Nicktim,”“Long Time” by John de Sohn, Eric Prydz’s remix of “Midnight City” and many many more amazing beats. The crowd embraced Tiesto as a god and showed support for any track that he decided to spin for us. Lavo handed out their classic party glow sticks, blasted the crowd with some of the best, most bone chilling and blinding fog (rivaling my experience down at The City Cancun with Avicii), and Tiesto killed it with Lavo’s air horn at key points through the night. Lavo and Tiesto sure threw the eager crowd a crazy party.

If their was a complaint for the night it would have to be that Tiesto seemed to get a little distracted from his job at certain points of the night. He was definitely distracted as he was hanging and talking to a bunch of the VIP’s in and around the booth during his set. I personally had no serious issue with him doing that because I’d like to think “I get it” but I just wish he was a little more involved with the crowd and focused more on them.

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In the end, I would have to say it was another great night out at Lavo and I can’t wait for Tiesto’s return to the big apple. He gave the people exactly what they needed and I know I was personally satisfied with all aspects of the night, minus the entry. For those of you that missed it I highly recommend jumping on tickets the next time he returns to NYC because it genuinely was a great experience. For those of you that were there also … cherish them memories!

Photos by Enes Kolenovic

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