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Review: Crookers “Massive” EP Remixed via Potty Mouth Music

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Potty Mouth Music returned with a “massive” release from those infamous Italians, Crookers.  The duo and label first turned heads together in ’07 with Potty Mouth and Crookers’ debut release and both parties have been on an upward trajectory since. For Potty Mouth Music “Massive” paved the way for the label’s stellar roster and Crookers have been bouncing around the globe since.

The recently released remix version of the “Massive” EP has been making quite the impact as of late. Hit-maker TJR, along with newcomer Anthony Wolf, put a heavy, big-beat-party-jam spin on Massive, which I’m sure your favorite DJs are spinning right about now in some international time zone. This is one you’ll be hearing all year.  A personal favorite of mine on the release is the Santiago and Bushido remix of “Disco Fidget.” The Chicago duo never fails to get me in the mood, their tracks are a constant staple amongst DJs and their unmatchable style and long build-ups are perfect for the floors. The Dutch duo Mightyfools have a solid remix of the now-classic “Bumblebees.” BTW, these guys are on their “Party So Much” tour right now, and you can tell from the remix they handed in that it’s all fun and games. Majik Johnson goes the throwback route and delivers something more akin to the original Crookers’ sound that had me loving them in the first place. There you have it, Potty Mouth Music and company bringing in back with an eye to the future. If you don’t already have this one, we say must-have during your next drop. Grab it on iTunes and Beatport!

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