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Rusko Infiltrates The Palladium With Bass, Andy C Supports


Want a dose of dub?

Fresh off a wicked set at Electric Daisy Carnival, Rusko continues to share his contagious rhythms with bass heads everywhere. His next single "Thunder" is set for a July 10 release and we can't wait to see whats' in store. Magnetic friend and DJ Brett First (aka @DJB1st) caught Rusko's recent show at the Palladium in Hollwood. Here's what he had to say:

The legendary turntablist Andy C and the notorious dubstep producer Rusko headlined the infamous Bassrush, transforming the Hollywood Palladium into a madhouse of deep, dark dubstep with heavy drum 'n bass rhythms for 18 & ups. Bassrush has been bringing drum and bass, and recently dubstep, to electronic music fans for over 10 years. Sadly moments before the show, Insomniac informed attendees that Andy C would not be performing his ‘Alive show’. "Due to venue conflicts and logistical issues [which] resulted in [Andy C] performing his DJ Set” according to their website and social media sites.  Nevertheless Andy C commanded the dance floor with a 90-minute vinyl set consisting of classic, essential, and brandnew tracks from his D&B arsenal. Spanning from the early years of jungle and transitioning all the way through to the drumstep and breakbeat bangers. With the likes of TC’s ‘Tap Ho" and the lyrical expertise of Armanni emcee, hyping up the crowd, it was a quintessential representation of the genres mesmerizing force. And the crowd erupted at the sets pinnacle duringa remix of Knife Party's "Internet Friends"

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As Rusko walked onto stage, the crowd rave and roared as he danced like a mad man with giant letters spelling out R-U-S-K-O illuminated behind him.  As they slid up and down the King of Bass cycled through such original tracks like "Woo Boost" and "Somebody To Love" while still paying homage to Netsky and his remix of “Everyday” as well as giving SF resident Supreme’s bass heavy “Snagletooth” time to shine. The room filled with enough low-end bass to curb any die-hard fan’s appetite. Rusko's energy and on stage presence is a force to be reckoned with especially when his unparalleled dance moves come into play. In sum, Bassrush knows how to stand on its own two feet and please its fans the way they know how, with an epic event!

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