Style Wars: The Battle Is Back. 2012 NYC Championships Tonight



Tip of the hat to the folks at Style Wars for giving young designers a chance to make an impact. If you're not familiar, The New York Times summed it nicely: “part circus tent, part runway show… high fashion!” It works, a bunch of DJs and designers, molds and make up artists come together for an interactive style experience of sorts. they hold these all over the place, it's basically a fashion battle. Head-to-head rounds  of designers doing their thing live in front of you. Actually cutting and tearing and recycling garments and every-day objects. For all you New York types tonight is the night. Roxy Cottontail will be playing, our friend Victor Wilde of The Bohemian Society will be cutting and tearing and whatnot with a bunch of other fashion designers. It's free to get it, there's an open bar, Vice will be giving out free shit. I know where I'd be if I were in New York… Santos House Party. Facebook page here.


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